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BLAIR ROBERTSONPsychic Medium  RETURNS!  WEST PALM BEACH / BOYNTON BEACH For An Intimate "EVENING OF SPIRIT MESSAGES" You've heard him on the radio, you've seen him on Fox News, ABC, Discovery Channel, and more...  NOW... SEE him LIVE in person! Join Psychic Medium Blair Robertson for an evening of mediumship and connections. During the first part of the event, Blair will give a brief talk on mediumship connections and the spirit world. He will answer general questions from selected members of the audience.  Next, he will "open the window" to the other side and bring messages to a variety of people in attendance. Although not everyone is guaranteed a reading, many have reported this as being very uplifting and beneficial. An experience you won't soon forget! INTIMATE: This is not a large theatre event with thousands of others in the audience. This is a small venue event that is much more intimate and personal.  *Not everyone attending a Blair Robertson event is guaranteed a reading* The event takes place at: COURTYARD BOYNTON BEACH 1601 N. Congress Ave "Majestic Ballroom" Doors Open at 6:30pm General Seating - First Come First Seated - General admission $75.00 - Group rate of 5 or more at $60.00 *All sales are final. There are no refunds available unless the date is canceled. *Parking: Free *Please TURN "OFF" CELL PHONES or leave in car *No audio, video or photography allowed. No alcohol allowed inside event.                                                           What Others Are Saying About Our Tour:  Thanks to you and Wendy for a great evening we really enjoyed your show, I'm the mad English lady at the back during your Tampa show. My friend Lisa and I have seen many shows from Silvia Brown, Lisa Williams and some others.  We both found your smaller, more intimate show, great!  Diane, M We attended last night's show and were awed by the energy! Love never dies!  Tracey, D  Another amazing night of messages for loved ones! Again you wow the crowd with your gift....know everyone had a night they will never forget. The smaller crowd does make it more intimate. My friend and her mom enjoyed your St. Petersburg appearance. Light and love to you Blair. Keep on doing what you do best. Hope you come back to Michigan in 2017. Janet, W I was at one the Evening of Spirit shows, and although I didn't get a reading, one of my closest friends walked out with a feeling of peace because Blair confirmed something for her. One of her sisters took her own life and she now knows that her sister is in a good place. Thank you Blair, we all walked away with something tonight. Jennifer, J  "I have always been intrigued with Mediums and their incredible gift to connect with the dead. I am an avid Long Island Medium fan and after seeing an ad for Blair on Facebook, my husband an I attended a group reading in Scottsdale. We both went into the experience with and open heart and mind. I was beyond thrilled when my dad came through. Blair shared things with us that nobody could have known. I was so touched and felt such peace knowing my dad was happy and no longer in pain. I immediately knew Blair was the real deal and knew he had an incredible gift.  He is truly amazing and could not be a more true, kind, and caring person. He has a true gift and we are blessed to have him share it with us. Blair is a straight shooter and I am one of his biggest fans. I truly believe in him and his incredible gift of connecting with those who have passed. Thank you Blair!" Kristine M.  Even though I didn't get a reading personally I had a wonderful time! Awesome connections! Very powerful! And I absolutely loved that you took the time afterwards to chat with everybody who stayed for a little bit. It was very nice meeting you and your lovely wife Wendy!! Angelieke - Ontario, Canada Thank You Blair! I was with the my sister in law when you made the connection with her Uncle that took his own life. His actions left many questions. I'm so happy he came through to help provide a sense of closure for his family. Light & Love to you Heather R  "This may seem funny to some but I had never heard of Blair Robertson, when a friend told me she was going to see him I thought this may be fun. I have always had an open mind but was still a little skeptical but after this I got some real answers to some questions that have plagued me in the past. As I did not get a personal reading as hoped for my friend and others did. What was revealed was real and emotional, I walked away with inspiration and hope and a very open mind. I would love to go see him again sometime it was a wonderful experience." Kim M. Pueblo, CO.  "Even though I wasn't fortunate enough to receive a reading (I'm convinced my loved ones were too busy partying on the other side!), the people who did get messages were blown away by the accuracy they received from Blair! I loved the intimate setting too!    I had gone to see Sylvia Browne before & there were 500 people in the auditorium! Her readings were inaccurate most of the time as well! I was never going to go to a psychic/medium ever again, but felt drawn to Blair for some reason! I hope to see him again & perhaps hear a message I am so desperate for!"  Karen R., San Diego, CA "I went to The Long Island Medium event just a few weeks before and I enjoyed seeing Blair just as much if not more. I appreciated his openness to the audience and allowing us to ask questions. Thanks Blair for a wonderful evening!" Kristen O. Brought my husband and we enjoyed our evening.  I was glad to see him laughing . My second time going won't be my last . He felt our daughter rub his cheek.  She was murdered 2 years ago with her boyfriend leaving her 3 year old behind.  We know our daughter is always around, we get signs, and for that we are so grateful. Knowing this really helps to get through her being gone.  Blair you and Wendy are wonderful in what you do.   People get to see there really are connections and love never , never dies . Hope you come back next year . Thx - Victoria L.  "OMG...Blair was so awesome in Palm Springs!!! So funny and entertaining!! My timid little granny was the first of a room full of spirit to come thru!!! He told us personal things that happen in my granny's room btwn her, my mom n myself just prior to her passing!!Awesome validation that love definitely lives on!! Blair you and what you do are just a blessing!!  LaDel  R. "My daughter and i enjoyed the evening. We have never attended a small venue with a Psychic/Medium, and were quite impressed with it all. Thank you Blair Robertson!" Hedy F. "I was at the Palm Springs Hyatt... the veteran with the spit-shined boots.I initially went as a favor to my wife. A lifelong skeptic, I always believed that death was not the end, I just didn't believe guys like you could build that bridge - or "open that window" to the other side as you said. I do now.  I was not looking for comfort, only confirmation. During my reading, that is exactly what I got. What a tremendous gift."   Jayme E. "Very informative and emotional. Blair has a combination of humor and compassion for his audience. A great evening, I would recommend to all!" Sandra S. "It really was an incredible night. My daughters boyfriend who passed away a year ago came through and the accuracy and details were amazing. It was very emotional and something that I will not soon forget." Christy K. "Beautiful experience! I was blessed enough to have some of my loved ones come through, and it was wonderful. While I was extremely grateful, I was even more touched by the readings some of the others received. It was amazing to see peace and closure happen in front of one's eyes. Amazing night, amazing man, will absolutely go again!"    Melissa B.  "Blair shares his ability to bring messages from loved ones who have passed on with brilliant clarity, compassion, and yes, wit. I received a reading: my father came through with spot on validations. I will carry my reading for a life time. Blair's explanations of spirit guides answered so many questions. It was an evening of laughter, tears, and love. We were all entranced. Thank you." Marylou P.   "I am amazed at the reading I had with Blair! My great uncle Merle (whom I had only met 4 times - and I'm 56) came forward to give me white roses and so much love. It is truly amazing that we are all connected with love. The added bonus I have felt is ( and thank you Blair!) is a peace deep within my soul - and that is truly priceless." Wendy V. "I saw your ad in our local paper and called my friend in Apache Junction to come up and go to your show with me. We have both been to many psychic/medium shows and also have had many one on one readings. We didn't get a reading last night, but we really enjoyed the readings that did come through. I found myself tearing up with emotions for the others. Next time we get together down in the valley, we'd each like to see you one on one. Thank you for coming to Wickenburg and hope you come here again!" Colena B. "What fun we had last night! The first message Blair gave me was truly a surprise visit from someone who was such a special person. The second message, from Santa Claus, was really the best...we are pretty sure that was my Mother saying 'hello'. If you have the chance, go see Blair. Thanks Blair!!" Candice A. "Blair, it was a great pleasure meeting you and Wendy , last evening in Scottsdale. I was so thankful to hear from my brother , who passed a few years ago , and was surprised he was with our Dad. I could listen to you for hours on end , as I have been searching for a psychic , medium for some time . I have some sensing , and feel a lot of stuff , but I do need a good reading from someone in the know. Thank you so much for being "you "; the evening passed too quickly." BJ. W. "Great experience. He hit the nail on the head with the answer to my question. Will definitely attend another session when he is in the area. I highly recommend to anyone to go to one of his sessions, it is fun and informative." Sherry S.  "I have already told some friends about Blair Robertson's presentation. It was quick and eventful evening. I would highly recommend him to others." Deborah T.  "My husband and I attended Mr. Robertson's event in Green Valley and wouldn't you know it, my father-in-law came through with a very meaningful message for my husband. My husband came as a skeptic, but left with a very different attitude. Can't wait for Blair to return in the fall!! I;m bringing everyone I know!!!" Angela R"This was my first ever event. I truly believe that our loved ones remain with us in spirit even after they have left our side. You reinforced that belief and thank you for that. You are an incredible spokesperson for the departed. I was in awe of the readings that you did give. It is an affirmation of how we continue to live on. Thank you."   Adriana M"...by the way, you said the young male that drowned seemed to be standing around confused. I wanted to say he was probably stunned to find himself crossed over so unexpectedly and very recently. That was cool. I will tell all my friends and family to watch for your appearances and I hope to see you in Tucson again. You are a blessed man and I appreciate your sharing of your wonderful gift. And I met your wife who was a very delightful gal. Lucky you and lucky her!" Corrine S. "Even tho' I wasn't read - I still thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was amazing to listen to others being read and know in my heart they were meant to receive the messages that come across. Martha T. "I do want to add .. I was so full of energy when I got home .. I couldn't sleep for hours..." Laura M. "We Really enjoyed the Event this week ! I had done some Google-ing , and we were very Excited to Attend! You say it's not a Show,what you do...but you are Very Entertaining!! Thanks for coming to Tucson . we would Love to see you Again ! P.S. Your Wife is Delightful. Thanks Again." Cyndie H. "It is very entertaining and well worth the money, even without a reading. Will plan to attend when he's in town again!" Christi J. "(Blair)is absolutely amazing! He is funny and real! My sister and I did not get a reading, but we enjoyed the evening so much. There were some wonderful messages for sure! It's great how he breaks it up into segments and how he explains certain things as he's delivering messages. Thank you, Blair and Wendy!" Ana R. "Last night was my first psychic event and experience. My sister just passed away on June 3rd and although I did not get a reading I feel I have a better understanding of why she didn't come through. Blair clearly explained how there are so many spirits trying to speak at the same time, more than there were actually people in the room. Thank you, it was an enlightening experience." Jill J. " I had a wonderful time. Blair is very warm and funny and I felt like I was sitting in my best friends living room. I did not get my own reading but I was very moved by what others experienced. I came away from the evening feeling very peaceful. Looking forward to more events with Blair." Carolyn K."I really enjoyed your entertaining style of presenting, humility, and excellent manner of interacting with people from all walks of life. I sure love the small, intimate gatherings you do. Went to one world famous medium, with a TV show, and the audience was so large, the time short, it was frustrating. So many others were heart-broken, still suffering from grief. Keep up your great work! Your partner Wendy is such a love & a doll." Elaine M."I think that your prices were appropriate and I liked that the group size was appropriate not too large so you did not feel like you were over crowded but very comfortable. Great presentation flow and understanding of how the medium process works. Even though no one came thru for me, I know my loved ones are around me every day, sometimes even in a funny way." Mary V. "We had some much fun! We weren't sure what to expect, but we had the pleasure of connecting with our dad, and he had alshymers for many years before he died, so we were never sure if he knew we were there to see him often, it was comforting to know that he did know and thanked us for all we did for him. It is comforting to know he is in a better place, with those we love also..if you are a doubter that Blair really does hear your loved ones, then don't be . There was no way that he could have known that my sister was with our dad when he died and that she was holding his Right hand with Her left hand.. In fact I did not even know that, only her and our dad would have been the only ones who could have know that...." Debbie S."Thank you so much for coming to Tucson. The evening was a lot of fun and very inspiring. Although I did not receive a reading, I felt some other readings had messages for me." Nelda W. "Blair is by far the BEST medium I have ever attended an event of. I have been hundreds of times to other mediumship events and not once felt the connection like there was last night in the room with Blair. Messages that others received were truly appreciated and felt by all of us in attendance. Blair and Wendy, thanks for a fantastic evening. I hope you are in the area again soon and you can definitely count me in!! " Bonnie F. "I'd seen ads for Blair Robertson but I'd never heard of him, so I checked him out on Facebook, and I was intrigued. It seemed that all his 'event's were on weekdays which didn't help me. This time I happened to be on holidays the week he was coming to St.Catherines so I impulsively bought tickets for my husband and I. I'm so glad I did. We certainly enjoyed it and I really liked the idea of the small group. I have been to many other medium events with famous psychics such as Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, Theresa Caputo. Over a thousand people attend those events and its very impersonal. You need binoculars to see the medium....lol. But Blair is right there, and funny! What a sense of humor. We really enjoyed ourselves even though we didn't have a loved one come with a message for us, we felt we still got a message through another's reading." Thanks. Debbie, M. "I enjoyed my experience at your event in St. John's. Before going I thought being read would be the highlight of the night. After attending and hearing some of the connections that were made I am not sure I could have been any more moved if I had been read myself. Truly an amazing experience. I also purchased a pendulum...this is an amzing tool and the best purchase I have made in a long time. Thanks for being you and bringing joy to the lives of everyone who experiences you."  John S., St.John's Newfoundland Tickets are going FAST. Don't hate yourself for missing this once-in-a-lifetime event! SEE Blair Robertson live in person. Order your tickets NOW. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast , diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Blair Robertson will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. Not everyone is guaranteed a reading. For entertainment purposes only. For legal or medical concerns, please consult with a lawyer or physician.

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Palm Beach Dance Fest 2018 Dance Expo and Showcase . One of The biggest Dance Weekends in the Area. Two Congress size Dance Ballrooms.Check out the event page and follow for updates as we get closer. Some of the biggest Names in Dance,Music and Much MORE. Start planning for this one. It's going to be an Epic dance Event for South Florida & Beyond. * Start Date.November 23 2018 At 9:00pm* End DateNovember 26 2018 at 3:00am 3 Days Event with International Dance Workshops,Dance Boot Camps First Class Dance Showcases & Nights Dance Social. PLEASE NOTE *PBDF- 2017 TCKETS ARE VALID FOR PBDF-2018 Dance Artists Line Up *Karen Forcano ☆ Ricardo Vega ☆Ahtoy Juliana ☆ Billy Fajardo ☆Katie Marlow ☆ Tamara Livolsi ☆Tito Ortos ☆ Javier Campines ☆Erica Reyna ☆ Jose Luis Maldonado ☆Lorreta Chianese ☆ Agape Dance Company ☆ Roberto Lay ☆Casa Salsa ☆ Alex Pro ☆ Cindy Vanessa Benitez ☆ Dancing Through Life ☆Kizomba Delight ☆Fred Astaire WPB.☆ Ritmo Urbano ☆Furia Divina ☆ Kings Dance Company ☆Fama Dance Studios ☆ Nathália Moura ☆Fajardo Marlow Dance Studios ☆Salsa Essence Dance Academy ☆ Zouk Mia ☆La Luna Dance Studio ☆ TaTo Salsa ☆Kq Fit & Dance Studio ☆Rhythms Dance Studio ☆Elite International Dance Academy ☆Pluss more....* Dance Artis Line Up Subject To Change *::::::::*Friday-Saturday-Sunday Dance Workshops At 10:00am-4:00pm-Hilton by The Airport-*Pool Party & Tikki Bar Sat/Sun Start 2:00pm*Dj.Mike ☆*Prime Time V.I.P. World Champions Dance PerformancesShowcase & Dinner Pre/Gala Saturday Night at 7:00pm **Friday & Saturday Night Gala DanceSocial at 10:00pm *MAIN ROOM** Sunday Salsa Summit Dance Competitions At 11:00am.*Sunday Night Dance Social at 9:00pmSpecial Guest Djs..Dj Frank Dj Harvey Dj Pablo Dj Danny Dj Carlito Dj Mike  Be Part of The Palm Beach Dance Community.Pre Sale Tickets -- Full VIP 3 Days $175.00- Full 3 days $150.00- Performance 4 Days VIP Pass $125.00- Children Performance Pass (Under 15 yrs) $75.00- Group Discount Passes Available by Request.PLEASE NOTE *PBDF- 2017 TCKETS ARE VALID FOR PBDF-2018 For Hotel Guest & Rooms Reservations at The Hilton by The Airport.1 or 2 Beds / microwave / fridge / wi-fiOnly $99.00 - discount promo code Dance Expo and Showcase Will include ::⬇⬇⬇Complimentary Free Shuttle from Palm Beach International Airport to Hotel Hilton.& Free Shuttle to Our Local Beaches, Downtown West Palm Beach,& City Place Attractions.Free Parking.Vendors.Palm Beach Dance Fest 2018 *For Dance Team Performance Registration & Salsa Summit Qualification or More Info. Please contact FaMa Dance Studios [email protected] 358 0168Palm Beach Dance Fest 2018Hosted by.Billy Fajardo * FaMa Dance Studios Katie Marlow * FaMa Dance StudiosRudi Lopez Mc * Island Touch Manny Morales * LtDS......https://www.facebook.com/events/268798050177349/?ti=cl

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Agile software development is based on principles defined by the Agile Manifesto; a disciplined project management outline that is conducive to dynamic inspection and adaptation. Agile methods include many product development frameworks such as Scrum and XP (eXtreme Programming) which allow for rapid delivery of software. The Scrum framework uses simple iterative practices for team collaboration on complex projects.   Our 8 hours of training offer an overview of Agile development and Scrum practices, focusing on how the Scrum framework follows the Agile Manifesto principles. Learn how to harness complex processes and apply Scrum techniques to an IT and/or non-IT project, through a blended combination of slide-based lecture and interactive case studies. Students gain practical advice, with real world simulation exercises that can align traditional project management to the agile route. Certification On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Mangates with Credits (1 credit per hour of training). Benefits from the Training Learn the differences between an Agile approach and traditional methodology, and why Agile works better! Learn about the driving forces behind taking an Agile approach to software development How adopting Agile approaches can increase business value Get to know the core practices and philosophies behind this way of working Learn the basics of the four-phase approach of Concept-Initiate-Deliver-Deploy Through examples of real projects, understand the organizational and people challenges and opportunities that the Agile approach brings to the solution development process Benefits from the workshop High quality training from an industry expert Earn 8 PDUs and 8 SEUs Course Completion Certificates A reading list for further learning Course Agenda This is a basic introductory course. Waterfall vs Agile An Intro to Agile Process Agile Flavours Agile Project Delivery Scrum (3*3) Planning & Estimation The Product Backlog Release Planning The core tenets of Scrum Advanced Scrum Topics Agile Adoption Kanban Agile Project Simulation   FAQs   What can/can't I bring to the event? Open mind and lots of energy   Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Email: [email protected]    Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes, you may transfer your ticket to other participants 7 days prior to the class.   Can I update my registration information? Yes, you will be able to change your e-mail or name during the class.   What is the refund policy? Please refer to: www.mangates.com   The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay? Yes, we will be able to change it during the class.     

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Malware, data breaches, denial of service, phishing, and other cyber attacks are proliferating. Highly publicized attacks on major corporations, governments, infrastructure, and financial organizations are in the news almost daily, underscoring the need for professionals who are trained to recognize and deal with cyber threats. Cultivate the skills needed to design and implement a comprehensive information security strategy. Our Expert Instructors will guide you through a combination of independent study, lectures, and group work approaching the practice of cyber security through a managerial lens. Course Topic Module One: Getting Started Module Two: Cyber security Fundamentals Module Three: Types of Malware Module Four: Cyber Security Breaches Module Five: Types of Cyber Attacks Module Six: Prevention Tips Module Seven: Mobile Protection Module Eight: Social Network Security Module Nine: Prevention Software Module Ten: Critical Cyber Threats Module Eleven: Defense Against Hackers Module Twelve: Wrapping Up   FAQs   What can/can't I bring to the event? Open mind and lots of energy   Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Email: [email protected] PH: 469-666-9332   Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes, you may transfer your ticket to other participants 7 days prior to the class.   Can I update my registration information? Yes, you will be able to change your e-mail or name during the class.   What is the refund policy? Please refer to: www.mangates.com   The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay? Yes, we will be able to change it during the class.   

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  The West Palm Beach Sports Cards & Collectibles Show   "Free Admission"   "Baseball Cards, Football Cards & More"  On the 3rd Sunday Every Month - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM    The Show's mainstay is all types of collectible trading cards, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Non-Sports, Movie Cards, Comic Book Cards, Rookie Cards, and other collectible trading cards, Sports Memorabilia & Collectibles. More often than not, the Show will also have NASCAR, Comics, Toys, Star Trek, Coins, Art, Music, Movies, Movie Memorabilia & More.   Come and enjoy the thrill of collecting. Bring the Kids!    2017 Show Schedule    January 15, 2017 February 19, 2017  March 19, 2017 April 16, 2017 May 21, 2017 June 18, 2017 July 16, 2017 August 20, 2017 September 17, 2017 October 15, 2017 November 19, 2017 December 17, 2017     American Polish Club 4725 Lake Worth Road, Greenacres, FL 33463    For additional information please contact: John Schudel [email protected]        Find us on Facebook: CARD SHOW WPB  

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND Produce safety educators and others who work with fruit and vegetable growers who are interested in becoming PSA Trainers or PSA Lead Trainers.  Those who attend become PSA Trainers and are able to offer the PSA standardized curriculum to train fresh produce growers under the supervision of a PSA Lead Trainer.  The training meets the regulatory requirements in the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule.    EXPECTED QUALIFICATIONS PRIOR TO ATTENDING Individuals are expected to have basic knowledge in four competency areas: Produce Safety Scientific Knowledge and Experience Fruit and Vegetable Production Knowledge Effective Training Delivery Knowledge of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule More information about becoming a Lead Trainer can be found here: http://producesafetyalliance.cornell.edu/training/train-trainer-course   REGISTRATION **Please note:  NO substitutions, transfers, or refunds will be issued within one week of the training start date** The fee for this course is $225.  Registration includes the PSA educational materials for trainers, two lunches, refreshments, and a certificate of course attendance issued by AFDO.  Participation for the entire 2 days is required for the certificate. Registration will be limited to the first 40 registrants. A minimum of 15 participants is required for the training to be held. Prefer to register by mail?  Click here for the mail-in registration form: http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/extension/events/PDF/PSA_TTT_012918.pdf    LOCATION West Palm Beach, FL is accessible from the Palm Beach International Airport. You can access a map and more information about the Mounts Building and Mounts Botanical Garden at https://www.mounts.org/.   LOCAL LODGING Click here for hotels near the training location.

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Leading the Lean-Agile Software Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®   This two-day course teaches the Lean-Agile principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). You’ll learn how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, how to build an Agile Portfolio, and how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. You will gain an understanding of the Lean-Agile mindset and how to apply the principles and practices of SAFe to support Agile teams, programs, program portfolio management, and to coordinate large Value Streams.   Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Agilist (SA).   Associated Certification: SAFe Agilist (SA)   The following individuals will benefit from this course:   Executives and Leaders, Managers, Directors, CIOs, and VPs Development, QA and Infrastructure Management Program and Project Managers Product and Product Line Management Portfolio Managers, PMO, and Process Leads Enterprise, System and Solution Architects   Learning Goals   After this course, you should be able to:   Apply SAFe to scale Lean and Agile development in your enterprise Support the execution of Agile Release Trains Coordinate large Value Streams Manage a Lean-Agile Portfolio Align the organization to a common process model Configure the Framework for your context Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers Support a Lean-Agile transformation in your enterprise   Topics Covered   Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset Understanding SAFe Principles Implementing an Agile Release Train Experiencing PI Planning Executing and Releasing Value Building an Agile Portfolio Coordinating Large Value Streams Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise   Prerequisites   All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, the following prerequisites are highly recommended for those who intend to take the SA certification exam. 5+ years experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management Experience in Scrum   FAQs   What can/can't I bring to the event? Open mind and lots of energy   Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Email: [email protected] PH: 469-666-9332   Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes, you may transfer your ticket to other participants 7 days prior to the class.   Can I update my registration information? Yes, you will be able to change your e-mail or name during the class.   What is the refund policy? Please refer to: www.mangates.com   The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay? Yes, we will be able to change it during the class.   

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Ring in 2018 with style by casting winter aside and venturing to South Florida for total immersion into all that the Sunshine State has to offer! Hang with celebrities, chefs, and cooks at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival for culinary demonstrations and tastings. Tour the Everglades via airboat and greet some friendly alligators. Tour the NASA Kennedy Space Center and Astronaut Hall of Fame to learn of America's past and future space adventures. Not to mention the time we will spend relaxing, reclining, and enjoying South Beach and the area's cultural, art, and dining hot spots. The price for the trip includes: welcome gifts, transportation to all events, entry fees and tickets for all activities, lodging, breakfast and lunch snacks at the residence, dinner on night of arrival, and a farewell dinner the night before departure. Transportation to and from the residence is not included.​When: February 18-25, 2018.Where: Homewood Suites by Hilton, West Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding area attractions.​Prices (check the special prices we have been able to obtain!):Non-Member: $3,300.Trouvaille Subscriber Member: $3,135.Trouvaille Full Member: $2,805.Trouvaille Lifetime Member: $2,475. *** Trouvaille is committed to the South Florida community, its rebuilding and prosperity after Hurricane Irma. We expect conditions to be back to normal by the time of this event and plan on being there to support the area economy, ecology, and tourism. Join us! ***  *************** FAQs  Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Attendees must be 21 years of age or older and in average physical condition.   What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Attendees are responsible for flying or driving to the venue. We will pick up people flying into the West Palm Beach and Miami International Airports. We will take care of all your transportation upon arrival and until depature at the end of the week.    How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please write to [email protected] with any questions.    What's the refund policy? Refunds are allowable up to one month prior to the event. Please see our website at www.trouvaille.club for much more information on company policies and procedures.